Thursday, May 27, 2010

Safety First: Sling Selection and Care

Safety First:
    Sling Selection and Care

The simple truth is that no patient lift is better than its worst sling. Using inferior slings on a quality lift deminishes the effectiveness of the lift; while sling breakage is a facilities worst nightmare.

The choice of model and material is determined by the patient’s functional capacity and the situations in which the product is to be used.


The design and the material of the slings are decisive for the type of lifting that can be done. Everyday lifting between bed and chair, for example, requires a different fabric than what is needed for lifting in connection with showering and bathing. A sling should also be simple, easy to work with and durable.

Size and Capacity

SystemRoMedic lifting slings are available in several different materials and in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. All lifting slings can, to an advantage, be used together with SystemRoMedic’s mobile lifts and stationary lift systems. They can also be used together with lifts of other makes. All SystemRoMedic lifting slings have a safe working load of up to 300 kg / 660 lbs.

Materials and Comfort

RoMedic’s philosophy: “We love easy transfers and, when developing lifting slings and other accessories for our patient lifts, we are always looking for the very best materials and the simplest solutions for both caregiver and patient. Our close cooperation with caregivers and patients is highly contributing to the fact that our products are both safe and very easy to use and that they, at the same time, provide the patient with both security and comfort.”

Special Features

SystemRoMedic slings offer the following features: size color coding, a pocket in the lower rear for placement and positioning, handles for patient control and it’s solid core foam padding prevents the sling from holding body fluids and emanating odors after washing. For peace of mind, slings contain a solid, continous, band around the perimeter thereby eliminating critical points of breakage compared to competitor slings with sewn on loops.

Consider when selecting sling size and material:

It’s too small
– When the sling get’s too close to the user’s face
– When the leg supports cut into the user’s groin
– When the sling looks too tight for the user

It’s too large
– When the user’s buttocks slide out too much through the opening
– When the leg supports slide forwards towards the back of the user’s knees

– Wear resistant
– Low friction
– Withstands high washing temperature

Polyester Net
– Airy
– Water runs through
– Withstands high washing temperature
– Can be left under the user

Plastic-coated net
– Does not absord water, good for bathing
– Can be disinfected with alcohol

Disposable material
– Strong disposable material
– Is not cleaned but disposed of after use
– Prevents the spread of multi-resistant bacteria

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